Interview with Sian Ahern of EAUX

Presenting Linnea Persson’s Q&A with Sian Ahern – singer and co founder of the music group Eaux and Swanfield’s latest muse. Sian shares with us her journey discovering music, from a Strawberry Switchblade song to transporting her “somewhere else” through deep electronic beats.

When performing you have a very beautiful, effortless voice. When did you discover that you could sing?

Aww thanks! I had a huge love of singing along to the record player as a kid- I remember a Strawberry Switchblade song being a favourite aged 3 or 4. I was too shy to sing in public during teenage hood and it took me until my early twenties to have a go at it professionally. I’ve never had a singing lesson though.

You were a part of another music project – Sian Alice group. How is Eaux different musically? Have you discovered any new exciting elements?

It’s different for sure. We are a small unit now compared to our sprawling, sometimes 7 piece, previous outfit. We use drum machines now and much more midi. We’re excited by the possibilities of synthesisers…

Eaux has very deep, dreamy electronic beats – do you find you enter another “world” when performing with Eaux?

For sure. It’s why I make music. Singing is transcendental. I don’t know what I’d do instead if I didn’t have something so transportive in my life.

You’re about to go and perform at the ATP Festival in Iceland. It’s located in a former Nato base just outside Reykjavik, which sounds amazing! Can you name any other unique/favourite places where you have performed?

Actually, recently we played a festival called Best Kept Secret in Tilburg in the Netherlands which was pretty unique- it was in a safari park with a huge lake. The ground was all sand and it was very picturesque! We played another festival in Tilburg too the previous year called Incubate, the line up was half alternative bands and half Metal bands. It was good vibes!

Which pieces from your wardrobe are a must when packing for a tour?

Well, we never have much room for clothes when travelling so I have to be very concise! I wear the same outfits, perhaps alternating a couple of favourite get-ups. I’m a mini dress girl – one piece, takes up little room in a case!

What makes you lose sense of time and the outside world?

I think we only really lose our sense of time when we’re truly having fun. Fun is not caring about time!

What inspirational tools do you normally use when working creatively?

I guess we just play off of each other really, try to find something interesting by blending 3 different perspectives. We try not to listen to too much of other people’s music whilst in the studio, in case it inspires too much ; )

Big congrats on your new released album! Could you give us a sneak peak of what’s next?

Thanks! Next on the schedule is just travelling as much as we can really. It’s a great perk of the job!

Keep in touch with what Sian’s band EAUX here and watch their darkly euphoric video for single entitled ’Head’ via Dazed Digital. Swanfield Muse images shot by Alice Whitby, Live image of Sian on stage shot by Nick Sayers.

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